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Welcome to Footywiki! Now administered by User:TLPG, this is a wiki about Australian football and not soccer. Obviously, as we develop this site we will need to create a somewhat more impressive main page than this text, but for the moment, this is as good a place as any to work out some of the details.

Please help to recruit members for this wiki. If you support a club or league, we're relying on you to select and approach people who are knowledgeable about your club/league. In order to edit you must create an account. This is easy and free.

There are two other admins, but they are both inactive so all approaches should be made to TLPG. The talk page of the main page has been cleared for this purpose.

Have fun. At the end of the day, none of us will get any more than the satisfaction of making information available to others. Edit at the pace you prefer. I'd like us to set what we think are attainable goals by the start of the season, but that can wait for now.


We need to generate articles if Footywiki is to get off the ground. Feel free to post with other suggestions - and each editor and Team (more on that below) has complete independence regarding what they write about - but here's a list of things that seem to be highest priority:

  • Leagues - if there is more than one league of the same name, the year of it's formation should be added with no brackets and/or the state should be added in brackets and abbreviated.
  • Teams - add the initials of the league in brackets and do NOT add the nicknames unless the core name is purely directional (eg Western Bulldogs). Make sure the term "Team" and a colon precedes the name.
  • League seasons - these should be added as a sub page to the league page simply noting the year.
  • Years - this is simply to list notable events for the year concerned.

Any other material that hasn't already been created should be avoided for the time being. Let's concentrate on the above first to get the base in place.

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